Schloß Milkersdorf – The Sexth Sense

Schloß Milkersdorf is the mystical Castle, sourrounded by old trees, wafts of mist, in the light of the torches. When the highly recommended Swingerclub opens it`s doors, numerous Couples from all over the world are invited to join high class erotic parties.

What to expect at Schloß Milkersdorf?

Sabine and Rene Geisler, Owners of extravagantly renovated Schloß Milkersdorf, near to Cottbus/Germany (located between Berlin and Dresden) created an exclusive Paradies that affectionates all senses. Get infatuated by sophisticated dishes and the Bouquet of elegant wines and spirits.
Relax in our enjoyable small, but fine Wellness-Area. Indulge oneself in the opulent furnishing. Get swept into the inspiration of Lust and Passion.
Be brave and trust your touching senses in the exciting atmosphere of our Darkroom. You really should see our Venetian Mirror: Watch and be watched.
Make it a Party of two, three, four or more… make your erotic dreams come true. Everything is possible. But remember: No means no.

Erotic Parties at Swingerclub Schloss Milkersdorf: Make your choice

Sensitive views, erotic thrills, the fragrance of extraneous skin…”The Erotic Castle Night” is one of the most visited Events at the Swingerclub Schloss Milkersdorf. You signalize your erotic wishes by the colour of your mask.
The legendary Royal Dance Party and the Chateau le Funk Couples dance, laugh and the old castle walls rustle.
If you love the decadent style of the Roaring Twenties the “Salon Tingel Tangel” and the infamous Erotische Casino-Party will be your Event.
Couples and Singles with excentric preferences will love the Abend der O, Shades of Fantasy or the CMNF-Nacht.
We expect elegant clothing, just as we do on another of our famous Parties, the FKK Party Nackelige Livemusik, wich is an All-Nude-Party, but only after 10.30 p.m., until then the Dresscode is elegant.
And with the Schlossnacht der Masken, Rendezvous der Lüste and the Schlossnacht der weiblichen Gelüste you can enjoy the variety of Theme-Events at the Swingerclub Schloss Milkersdorf – each night unforgettable.

Who is visiting Swingerclub Schloss Milkersdorf?

Our guests are open minded, stylish and humorous. They come from all over Germany, from Europe and even from other countries. Most of them live in harmonic relationships, have sophisticated Jobs and escape for a view hours into a world of numerous indulgence. Most of them prefer anonymity and appreciate the discretion of their hosts.
Most Parties at Swingerclub Schloss Milkersdorf are for Couples only. There are only a view Events where we welcome Singles and Trios. Just go through the single Events to find out wich Party might. be the right one for you.
Almost every Party will suit Beginners. If you have andy questions, don’t hesitate asking. And since Schloss Milkersdorf is located perfectly between Berlin and Dresden you should take your time and visit those two great Cities while you are in the area. We do offer the right “All-Inclusive-Package”. In all modesty: There is only one place in the world like Schloss Milkersdorf.

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